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About Us

Founded in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in year 1989 “former BP Solar Arabia” to serve the local, regional and MENA solar markets.


Solar Arabia enjoy significant distinguish experience and tracking records focused on solar renewables expertise and holds the most substantial diverse portfolio of installed PV solar power systems in the region.


Solar Arabia determines to achieve the most diversified solar energy source in the solar spectrum.

Our systems and solutions are well suited for commercial and industrial applications for remote, harsh environment and grid-connected systems.


We work locally but think globally, thus we are able to provide the most advanced and stringent quality of customer service within the PV industry; that’s why Solar Arabia has proven to sustain over quarter century of age and yet ample years ahead .



Development, design, engineering, system sizing, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fully integrated solar power systems as complete turn-key solutions.